How to purchase

All prints are Giclée and produced by a wonderful company, Giclee Today, based in Pottstown, PA.
Archival Matte paper, 230 gsm, 9.5 mil, smooth, neutral-white, acid-free. Standard size is 20″ x 20.” $175. delivered. Takes several weeks from order.

For sale on ebay: size is 20″ x 20″ Giclée print.

Hand Flower is listed on ebay.

Consumer inkjet printing: All types use proprietary software and inks but have something in common – it is very difficult, if possible, to achieve true black. Consumer inkjet software is designed to push at least a small amount of all colors through the print head to reduce likelihood of clogging, thus producing a “tinted” black.

Giclée printing uses archival inks and papers, the ink is sprayed on using heads that are different from consumer inkjet heads. Commercial Giclée also uses roll paper offering a wider range of print sizes. Besides helping to assure archival process, giclée printing offers a richer experience of color, and that includes true black. 

Gelatin silver halide prints come in a range of papers and surfaces, but all rely on wet chemical processing, which can include archival methods – these include chemicals that remove other chemicals (called fixer) that are used to remove unexposed silver, plus additional washing to remove that chemical. Archival process can also include (dry) mounting onto 100% rag or museum board, though his is not necessary for a print to be called “archival.”

All silver prints for sale are made from original negatives and are archivally processed, mounted on acid free museum rag board. They were printed between 1965 and 1985.

Giclée prints are made from scanned negatives.