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Sculpture, Wood

All of these, with the exception of Touched by Nature, are painted plywood, each about 4′ wide. All were created over a period of 2

Sculpture Graphics

All images are Giclée prints on archival matte heavy weight paper. Purchase information. Prints were rendered from photos of wood sculptures: Wood Sculpture page. One

Losing With Facts

Trying to win with facts is like a boxing match using pillows instead of boxing gloves: you and your opponent will likely score a lot


20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $125. Instructions for ordering.

Into It: Interviews With Work

Available on Amazon. Recorded interviews that took place in 1994. Deciding to do this was just one of those crazy things: you get an idea

Black and White

All images shown here or elsewhere on this site are available for purchase as Giclée prints. A limited number – some shown here – are

Explaining Away Complaints

[print-me title=”Print Page”] Many local governments have a problem: they know it, they ignore it, and it doesn’t go away. This problem goes by different

Something for Reference Librarians

The reference librarian should be at the very center of community life. Explain please. I’ll explain. It all begins with a directory of locally available services and

False Face Sculpture

In terms of reasonableness, this is absolutely one of the craziest things I have ever done, and it took about a year to do: a

I love reference librarians.

[print-me title=”Print Page”]I’ll bet that’s a sentiment not often expressed these days. Not due to any fault of the librarians, but for the tectonic-like shift

From Rags to Riches

[print-me title=”Print Page”]Not exactly rags to riches: but from risks to resources. Let’s try and manage communities – villages, towns, cities – by connecting dots,

Cat and Bird

20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $225. Instructions for ordering.

New York Shadow: Behind The Scenes

Available in bookstores as well as on Amazon, Kindle and eBook. 172 photographs, black-and-white and color. Each of these chapters is a story about New

Through a Hand

20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $225. Instructions for ordering.

Community Development is Risks and Resources

[print-me title=”Print Page”]Community development is a funny thing, because the basic definition is so general – basically, “people helping people to make things better.” The

Dreamer, Do-gooder, Do-er

[print-me title=”Print Page”]Not to disparage anyone, but I do have a reaction to do-gooder work, of which I also partake: much of it seems futile.

My first exhibit, January, 1972.

The original silver print: 2 negative sandwich of fireworks in Coney Island and Clare photographed in Rockwood park in Tarrytown (the small building was torn

Ossining, NY 1965

Ossining, NY 1965. Night shots out a moving car window. 35mm, Plus-x negative film.

Bellevue Hospital, 1982

Bellevue Hospital, 1982. Many of these photographs were included in the 1981-1982 Bellevue School of Nursing Bulletin. 120 negative film, 6×6 cm (2″ x 2″