Author: Burpie

Sculpture, Wood

All of these, with the exception of Touched by Nature, are painted plywood, each about 4′ wide. All were created over a period of 2

Sculpture Graphics

All images are Giclée prints on archival matte heavy weight paper. Purchase information. Prints were rendered from photos of wood sculptures: Wood Sculpture page. One


20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $125. Instructions for ordering.

Into It: Interviews With Work

Available on Amazon. Recorded interviews that took place in 1994. Deciding to do this was just one of those crazy things: you get an idea

Black and White

All images shown here or elsewhere on this site are available for purchase as Giclée prints. A limited number – some shown here – are

False Face Sculpture

In terms of reasonableness, this is absolutely one of the craziest things I have ever done, and it took about a year to do: a

Cat and Bird

20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $225. Instructions for ordering.

New York Shadow: Behind The Scenes

Available in bookstores as well as on Amazon, Kindle and eBook. 172 photographs, black-and-white and color. Each of these chapters is a story about New

Through a Hand

20 x 20 inch Giclée print. $225. Instructions for ordering.

My first exhibit, January, 1972.

The original silver print: 2 negative sandwich of fireworks in Coney Island and Clare photographed in Rockwood park in Tarrytown (the small building was torn

Ossining, NY 1965

Ossining, NY 1965. Night shots out a moving car window. 35mm, Plus-x negative film.

Bellevue Hospital, 1982

Bellevue Hospital, 1982. Many of these photographs were included in the 1981-1982 Bellevue School of Nursing Bulletin. 120 negative film, 6×6 cm (2″ x 2″

Feast of San Gennaro, 1971

Feast of San Gennaro, 1971. Photographed around 5pm, quickly due to losing daylight. 35mm Plus-x negative film.

My Life: Before I Was Born

The house I lived in until age 9 is in the extreme southeast corner of Yonkers, NY. My grandfather (father’s father), an immigrant from Latvia,

Street Art

This was a temporary display outside our house during the first phase of pandemic.

Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities

Available on Kindle and Paperback It’s not a fun subject. No sexy alarmist headlines to see, no Tweets or Facebook Likes: YOUR HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE


Random collection of color photographs. Various dates, negative film and digital.

The Feast of San Gennaro

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON – Recorded histories about The Feast of San Gennaro do not offer much detail regarding the 1960s and early 1970s other than

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