What about this name? Art Is The Address

Something seen in a gallery or museum is perceived differently then if seen in a tag sale (that missing Van Gogh!).

Alan Pakaln is retired from clinical engineering (Management of patient care equipment in clinical settings like hospitals). Other interests: intentional community, permaculture, public libraries, nonprofit organizations, and risk management.
See https://communitynetworking.net

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Facsimiles of old sites.
In 2004, my friend Igor and I worked on a social network project, a nonprofit named Post-a-Notice
It failed spectacularly: lack of money and knowledge. PostANotice
How we described it at the time CLICK HERE

I was born in Manhattan, Doctor’s Hospital on the upper East Side (now a luxury condominium), childhood spent in the extreme Southeast corner of Yonkers in a house my immigrant from Latvia  grandfather built c. 1930. Family photos before I was born.