Five Simple, Easy, Practical Steps for Local Government to Manage Risk: Community Risk Management

This is a condensed (much shorter) version of the book, “Community Risk Management: Provoking Responsive, Transparent, Local Government.”

Community Risk Management is a way of managing information so villages, towns, and cities can better assess potential gains and losses when making decisions.

Risk assessment is not “rocket science.” Actually it is partly, but as for the expression, it does not have to be very complicated. It is a reasoned and disciplined approach to better understanding risk and more easily seeing how one proposed solution compares with another. The process is often described as comparing, benefit to risk or loss.

In fields like fire protection, banking, community development, medicine, insurance, and many others, the term “risk management” is a familiar one (also called Community Risk Reduction). The focus here is on the word “community,” how risk management techniques can be applied to issues facing local government.

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